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Venus and all her fellow planets are direct for half the month, which means game on. She and her son, Cupid, are dishing out intense passion and pleasure. You won’t even need the boost of a rose quartz crystal. It can’t hurt, though! Whether you celebrate the ancient festival of Lupercalia, the current Valentine fiasco, or you’re a lone wolf determined to dodge the romance cooties in the air, there’s a love message for you!

Aries: This is an emotionally charged time for you! The passion between you and another will be incredibly strong and may make you nervous. A timeout will bring you balance. This person is willing to wait for you. Pay attention to what makes your heart sing. A transformation is inevitable, especially once you accept the new excitement present.

Taurus: Have you been overloading or over-scheduling yourself, possibly to distract yourself? There’s someone taking notice of this, and they want to offer you a break. A bond or deeper understanding may be formed over financial or career issues. When the opportunity to share your feelings or burdens arises, take it. Healing vibes surround you.

Gemini: You are emboldened to act with compassion. Someone around you needs a hand, but their pride may prevent them from asking for help. When this becomes evident, make a gesture. Great love is worth putting in the guided effort. The beginning of a new connection looks to deepen and advance quickly. Listen to the butterflies in your stomach!

Cancer: Was there a love that switched on your fight-or-flight mode? It’s okay to be wary, but don’t let it dominate your ability to accept. A relationship from the past is arriving that looks to bring you joy and play. Your friendship circle can offer you support and clarity. Even if someone is feeling guarded, show off! Be open to matchmaking.

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Leo: Waiting for an open door or a clear opportunity to merge and connect can be difficult, but it’s here for you! You are the open door. Let others walk through. Where you feel equilibrium and balance is where love stands. Interestingly, a bond may be formed over family issues or a mutual façade. It is safe for you to share and interlock.

Virgo: A powerful yearning or longing is moving you. Take heed of spiritual and psychic activity. There’s an experienced, spiritual soul showing up who can give you the other side to the story. They are your daylight to your nightlight. An attractive reconciliation may be at hand. The gift of security comes from the pleasure of the moment.

Libra: There’s a willingness to talk the talk, but walking the walk is what will really change the dynamic of your social life. Sharing your thoughts and involvement in intellectual activity looks good. Your love interest or partner may be more concerned with material rewards right now. What will bring you together is fun and play. Feel free to flirt!

Scorpio: Even though you cannot see it, there is divine timing working in the background of your life. A speedy change in perspective looks favorable. The person surrounding you may be rather moody, but it’s only because they care. They are eagerly searching for the opportune moment. Someone needs time to forgive. Honestly connecting over flaws looks inspiring.

Sagittarius: Beware of being triggered! What you’ve pushed away or avoided is surfacing. There is someone around you who can help give you a rational perspective. The person who can calm your sea of emotion is important. A doorway to a new chapter opens for you. Going on some retreat to disconnect from everyday life looks to inspire a new or current relationship.

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Capricorn: It will do you wonders to be in your own power and project a positive air of self-pride. Your love interest or partner has a very similar vision to you at this time. There’s a feeling of mastering something with the other person. A relationship from the past may appear. Exercising boundaries and respect will benefit you and make you all the more attractive.

Aquarius: Whatever you might be holding onto so tightly, think about loosening your grip. Someone is waiting for you to open up enough to extend an invitation. You may want to play things safe ,but the other person wants to be a little risky. This person coming in differs from your usual type. You may find you and the other person have wounds or a secret in common.

Pisces: Big opportunities to connect, forge alliances, or grow your family are available now. A part of your life is completing but in a harmonious way. Someone is standing by your side with much love in their heart. A combination of success is happening that may encourage further commitment. Once your mindset of lack shifts, an increase in fortune appears!

P.S. Read your rising and moon sign if you feel you need additional insight.