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Our lineup of winners for this year’s — as every year — Power Gala made of truly extraordinary people. Without giving too much away before the party, we decided to sit down and get to know the nominees on a more whimsical level. Enjoy! 

As the Chief Executive Officer of Colorado Health Network (dba Denver Colorado AIDS Project), Darrell is committed to serving people living with HIV and helping prevent the spread of HIV and other blood-borne diseases. We wish to honor him for providing life-sustaining services to people who are often challenged by a lack of resources, while also facing the challenges of living with HIV. The services provided, Darrell hopes, will help eliminate the barriers to treatment and care, so clients can focus on their health and recovery.

Can you give some examples of how Colorado Health Network has benefited the LGBTIQ community?

HIV has disproportionately affected the LGBTIQ community since before our organization was founded in 1983. Initially, Colorado Health Network primarily served gay men who acquired HIV/AIDS. Today, approximately 65 percent of our clients are from the LGBTIQ community. In addition to disease-prevention services, we provide case management and supportive services including insurance, nutrition, housing and emergency financial assistance, insurance enrollment services and behavioral health counseling services, oral health care, and other supportive services to eligible clients.

What kind of feedback do you get from the community about your services?

We request feedback from clients regularly and survey them at least annually. Our clients are very happy with our services and only wish that our services could have further reach to other individuals and populations. We’ve received comments full of gratitude including that our services have saved lives!

Are the needs of the community a part of Colorado Health Network’s mission statement?

Colorado Health Network’s mission is to equitably meet the evolving needs of people affected by HIV and other diseases through prevention, care, and advocacy.

What should the LGBTIQ community take away when they think of CHN?

Colorado Health Network provides life-sustaining services in a caring and compassionate way to people living with HIV. We are here to help people live long, healthy lives!

Does Colorado Health Network intend to continue working for our community?

We have proudly served individuals from the LGBTIQ community from the beginning and will continue to do so as long as there is a need!

For 2016, OUT FRONT joined forces with the Denver Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce for our annual Power Awards ceremony. Traditionally, we’ve called it our Power Party, but this year’s one-two combo makes it more of a gala, so we’re excited to announce a slight break in tradition to bring our community the Power Gala Awards! We’ll be holding the party at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel in the grand ballroom. (We’re so stoked.) Our musical interludes are provided by none other than Ty Herndon, Alpha the Musical, and Spinphony.

Be sure to reserve your spot today, before all the seats are accounted for!