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Hair trends of 2012 are moving toward texture, low-maintenance styling and cuts that reflect personality. But don’t take it from us – we asked Semion Kikirov, who recently opened Semion Barbershop For All with his brother Roman, for the latest trends.

Prior to co-owning the shop, Semion worked in one of the biggest barbershops in the world – Astor Place in New York – before becoming the number one producer at Floyd’s Barbershop’s Leetsdale location in Denver for nine consecutive years.


Top in MEN’S trends to ask your hairdresser for:

Texture rather than solid styles

Texture is becoming more important in today’s hairstyles, allowing more versatility and less maintenance – always a plus for a man with a busy lifestyle. Just add a touch of product and you’re out the door.

Modern pomp

Classic styles have been making a comeback during the past few years. The “pompadour” is the perfect example, classic yet modern.


Messy Business

Messy business runs with the high-texture trend –
a modern look with little to no effort.

Trimmed facial hair

Not every man wants to shave on a daily basis, and the GQ mountain-man look has become popular. Keep the beard short and clean to look polished with little to no effort.


Fun mustache styles

We’re seeing more guys get creative with their facial hair now,
allowing the gentleman to express individual quirks not only on
his head but also on his face.


Top in WOMEN’S trends to ask your hairdresser for:

Sleek styles

Big hair is still in, but women are now asking for something more sleek and touchable. Think: more movement and less hairspray.


Full bangs

Cut bangs instantly provide a chic look. Want a new style? Let’s cut some full bangs.


Asymmetrical cuts

Asymmetrical cuts are wonderful for any face shape,
offering an inarguable sense of personality to
whoever rocks it.

Ombre color (dark to light)

Ombre color is a more cost-efficient route to coloring women’s hair. Get more color variety and longevity without obvious roots with an ombre coloring.


Low-maintenance styling

Women have been expressing more of their individual style
and going with less cookie-cutter styles. We encourage
you to let your natural texture come through.


What’s not-so-hot for MEN these days:

Faux hawks

Faux hawks are a classic style, but do you really want the same cut as everyone else at the party? Be different!


Justin Bieber hair

Even Bieber himself moved on; take the cue and follow.

Chin strap and soul patch facial hair

Chin straps are high-maintenance, so if you don’t plan on coming in to get it lined up once a week, then leave the lines alone.



Blow outs

The blow out is dated and juvenile. Step it up.


What’s not-so-hot for WOMEN:


Extensions – depending on the length – tend to make hair look flat with little to no body.


Blunt cuts

A blunt cut is too boxy for today’s free-flowing trend.
It allows little or no movement and doesn’t let natural texture
show through.



Feathers can break the hair if they stay in too long. And a word to the wise, Steven Tyler does it. Think twice.



Trends on the Horizon:

• Cost-efficient looks

• Products made from natural ingredients

• Low-maintenance styles

• Old-school barbering techniques

• Slick directional hair