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Issues of jealousy and insecurity are present in any relationship, rather it be queer, poly, and kinky or straight, monogamous, and vanilla. They’re a normal part of life, as are complicated dynamics and the individual baggage people bring into their partnerships. All of this and more is tackled in Jeffrey Neuman’s original play, What You Will.

If you haven’t caught on yet, the name is a Shakespeare reference, derived from the famous comedy Twelfth Night. But What You Will isn’t exactly a comedy. There are definitely funny moments, but it’s mostly a thoughtful drama.

The dynamics revolve around the love story between Adam, played by Steven Burge; and Greg, played by Tom Littleman. They are a gay couple who have been together for 17 years, and unlike a lot of their friends, they’ve been monogamous the whole time except for one cheating incident. When their paths cross with Nick (Casey Andree) and Celia (Maggy Stacy), however, things are turned upside down for their love and dynamic.

This may sound a little typical, but without providing spoilers, the story actually takes on a lot more depth than the traditional love drama. The metaphors, superb acting, and strong writing are what carry a story and show that could otherwise be a little predictable.

Another point worth noting about the play is the wonderful way in which it deals with queer issues. Adam and Greg are gay, and there is certainly no shortage of gay jokes or references to queer culture. Greg is in theatre, and his Shakespeare monologues are mixed into the play’s dialogue. Adam is pretty flamboyant, and his interactions with Celia make for the classic gal-pal friendship between a gay man and straight woman.

But what is remarkable is that although all of these are important plot points, Adam and Greg’s marriage being a gay one doesn’t really matter. The whole point of the show is couples of all kinds experience the same issues, the same ups and downs, and the same temptations. Again, without giving any spoilers, the dynamics between characters and the universal issues that are highlighted are reason enough to go see the show.

What You will plays at the Benchmark Theatre November 30-December 22. Grab tickets here and go see the show before you go out of town for the Holidays; you’ll be glad you did.

Photos courtesy of Mcleaod9 Creative