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President Donald Trump is not going to take action against the U.S of A debt crisis because at its peak, he will be out of office. A Daily Beast source who was at the 2017 briefing, said the president acknowledge the debt by saying, “Yeah, but I won’t be here.”

There have been multiple attempts by White House staff to get Trump to addressed the national debt that has reached over $20 trillion.

In past, Trump has stated solutions to the increasing debt are removing the country of associated with the Paris climate accords, repealing Obamacare and reducing spending on government agencies.

The Paris climate accords was set in place for developed countries to assist developing countries with reducing the effects of climate change. President Trump said the agreement could shrink the U.S’s GDP by $2.5 in ten years. However the shrinkage is to be completed over 20 years.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act will increase the cost of health insurance. The Tax Cuts and Job Act, signed by Trump, will make it so good-health people won’t get taxed for health insurance, making it so those in need of it to pay more.

The U.S continues to increase over time, and our president has not taken into consideration the damage such will cost.