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Pete Buttigieg is not the only openly gay man to be making the news in politics. Richard Grenell was recently appointed to be the acting head of intelligence and is the first openly gay cabinet member to be appointed under the Trump Administration. Grenell is the current Ambassador to German and will stay on in that role as he goes forward with the new position in Trump’s administration.

Grenell does not have much experience in terms of intelligence. However, he has defended the president several times through social media and touts the infamous “fake news” whenever critical reporting of the president comes his way. Trump likes loyalist and has been shown to demand loyalty from some. Former head of the F.B.I. James Comey comes to mind.

Grenell even demanded The Post retract a story because he thought it came from false sources. Ironically enough, the German Defense Minister confirmed the story was true the very next day.

Grenell has also been leading an effort to decriminalize same-gender marriage around the globe. President Trump was unaware of Grenell’s efforts and has rarely shown any interest in furthering the rights of those in the LGBTQ community, which makes things very confusing. Vice President Mike Pence has been a staunch defender of traditional American families and has pushed for the abhorrent use of gay conversion therapy.

Furthermore, Trump has banned the service of transgender people in the military on the basis of “medical cost and disruption” Grenell has long served the country in some way or another and pushed for equality of LGBTQ people everywhere. Yet, he belongs to a party that cannot stand people like him, as well as millions of other Americans.

While bipartisan collaboration is important, and this could be a huge positive step, it still remains to be seen what Grenell, or Trump for that matter, will do to change the way the world sees them.

Photo courtesy of Facebook