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When people think of queer college life, football stars may not be the first group that comes to mind. But, interestingly enough, there are currently more queer college football stars than ever. Just in time for fall, here are some queer football stars who are killing it on the college sector this season.

New on Next briefly profiles a few of the out-and-proud athletes on the college football sector. Among them are Scott Frantz, of the Kansas City Wildcats. Frantz came out in an interview with ESPN this summer, saying he has never felt so loved and accepted as he did when he came out to his coach and teammates. Wyatt Pertuset, wide receiver for The Capitol University, went public in high school and encourages other athletes to do the same.

Xavier Colvin is linebacker for the Butler Bulldogs, and came out earlier this year. He stated that seeing others coming out and being comfortable made him feel OK about being himself. My-King Johnson of Arizona has been out since he was 12, and the University of St. Francis is home to Kyle Kurdziolek, a Catholic who feared admitting his sexuality, but received major support from family and teammates when he did so. Darrion McAlister came out in a newspaper article, and hasn’t experienced any negativity as a result.

All these men have bravely stepped into the spotlight as queer, and in return they’ve experienced love and support. Let’s show them some love back this season and support all these queer-friendly college football teams!