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Tomorrow, May 7, is a day that has been ringing in far-off anticipation for what may feel like the better part of the last year. However, we wait no longer, as that day has arrived!

While many have already mailed and turned in their ballots full of votes for Denver’s next and best leadership team, there is still time to get your opinion of the Mile High City’s issues on record.

This year, we have been in touch with new city council hopefuls, like Miguel A. Ceballos-Ruiz in District 8, Candi Cdebaca in District 9, and Tony Smith in District 10. We have heard from Peg Perl about the importance of the role of City Clerk and Recorder and why you should care (probably more than you do) about who staffs that position. We talked with Jamie Gielles about the changes she wants to see in the mayor’s office, and we explored initiatives like 301, the decriminalization of psilocybin. 

With so many more elected official hopefuls and initiatives to explore, we are excited to see the next chapter of this great city unfold. It’s time to turn those ballots in and exercise your voting voice, Denver! We’ll see you TOMORROW at the polls.