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Traveling can be stressful, especially for LGBTQ folks who just want to get away and not have to sacrifice their safety. Tinder agrees that folks shouldn’t have to choose between fun and security, so they have launched a new feature directly to protect queer people on the go.

Through developing the new feature “Travel Alert,” Tinder has implemented an advisory notice that will appear if the user is in an area where homosexuality is criminalized. Upon opening the app, the geographic location of the user can now flag areas where the population has historically been known for being hostile towards LGBTQ folks.

Additionally, users can choose to remain hidden and not allow other users to contact or see their profile unless they initiate a connection. If users choose to not have their information hidden in a hostile location, the app will filter out gender identity and sexual orientation to protect users.

While traveling may seem unsafe during the current climate of anti-LGBTQ actions, Tinder is doing what they can to ensure that safety can come first and not prevent folks from being able to pursue adventure and peruse with passion.