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A 16-year-old made a brave announcement on national TV that celebrates the power of coming out.

A BBC news show called Generation Misunderstood highlights the struggles that teens and young people go through by asking them tough questions and having discussions with them. During a talk about acceptance for LGBTQ people, a young boy named Andy admitted to having queer feelings of his own.

“This is actually a really big thing for me, this is the first time I’ve ever admitted it in public,” he said in front of the cameras. “I am bisexual.”

The crowd cheered for him, and Andy admitted that while he is happy he shared his story, he actually felt more comfortable doing it on live TV than face-to-face with his parents.

“I think it’s been really difficult for me to come out… especially to people at school, because there is so much stereotyping and so many presumptions around it, and people assuming you are a certain way because of how you act or because of who you are attracted to,” he explained. When in reality it’s something you can’t control. People treat it like you’re in the wrong, and like you’re committing some kind of sin when I’m hard-wired that way. It’s not something I can change.”

“Maybe I’ve taken the coward’s way out,” he said. “But I think this is the easiest way for me to explain it and kind of accept who I am, because it is a multi-stage process and it’s taken me years to come to terms with it. I think telling other people is a really small part of that.”

He also explained that he hadn’t planned on coming out or sharing this truth with so many. “No, hence why I’m shaking now. But in a way it’s like a relief. Like I’ve been hiding something for years, and finally it’s okay.”

Hopefully, Andy’s bravery will give others the courage to come out and talk to their families and loved ones about their true identities.