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Target recently released a line of gender-neutral children’s clothing. The response has been mostly positive, but as always, there are a few haters in the mix.

“Our vision for the clothing line was to do what we’re good at at Toca Boca, which is play, and translate that into everyday experiences for kids,” Mathilda Engman, design director for gender neutral clothing company Toca Boca, told Fast Code Design“It’s a silly humor and quirkiness that resonates with both girls and boys, and doesn’t fall into gender stereotypes.”

The clothing is mostly cute, funny cartoon characters, and many of the pieces already look familiar style-wise, like tee-shirts and straight-leg jeans for both genders. It also gets rid of any sexualization of young women. However, some still managed to find offense with the fact that the clothing is gender-neutral.

Despite this backlash, many are still celebrating the fact that they can now buy their children clothing without worrying about the gender binary.