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Dear Shanna,

I really want to look good for my new partner when the clothes come tumbling off, but I’ve never really be underwear shopping before. How do I know what looks good on my body?

Taking it Off in Longmont.

Dear Taking It Off,

Looking sexy and feeling fiiiiiine when the clothes come flying off it always going to be specific to you and what makes you feel good. Some people feel sexy as heck in an old t-shirt and nothing else, while other folks spend a bank on tight skivvies or luxurious lingerie. All of those are valid options, but let’s figure out some ways to decide what works best for you.

First, think about your body. What are your favorite parts? If you’re all about your butt, focusing on some underoos that bring all sorts of attention to your behind is going to give you more confidence when showing off your favorite ass-et. More into your breasts or pectoral muscles? Make sure to wear a top … a bra, tank, or otherwise that gives a perfect frame to your upper half. Do you prefer full coverage a la briefs, boxers, boxer-briefs, boy shorts, a negligee, etc., or are you more into the peek-a-boo of a banana hammock, a jock strap, a thong, or a g-string?

Think about the material you’ll be wearing. Does it turn you on to have silk or satin sliding down your body, or are you more into common sense cotton all the way around? Will you be wearing this outfit while you’re getting it on, or is it something that serves as one more layer to peel off your beautiful body while you’re getting down to the nude? If it is going to be ripped off of you, it’s possible you might want to go with something cheap and replaceable, whereas if it’ll just be picked up off the floor later, you might want to invest in some more high-end undergarments.

The overall trick to looking and feeling good in not very much? Confidence and self love. Wear what you feel good in, not what you read about or see in porn. The more you feel hot and sexy, the more that will radiate to your partner(s), and in the end, that’s really all that matters. So whether you wear some one-of-a-kind, fashionista-inspired pair of boy shorts or Hanes tighty-whities, a custom-made corset or Target’s fun-colored line of thongs, you knowing you look good and feel comfortable in what you’re wearing is all it takes to “sell” your outfit to anyone else who might be interested in taking it off.

Best of luck!


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