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The stately Syntax Physic Opera goes metal tonight with a special late show featuring Ulthar, Alone, Scepter of Eligos, and Inoculated Life.

Inoculated Life are influenced by the heaviest of the heavy, and bring that aesthetic to their music. Their Facebook boasts, “F*ck the police. F*ck the judicial system. F*ck the industrial meat and dairy industry.” Also, if there name is any indication, probably f*ck anti-vaxers.

Scepter of Eligos are slow, heavy, and trippy metal for the discerning, slightly slowed-down listener.

Alone are dark, bleak, atmospheric music for your post-apocalyptic pleasure.

The grande finale, Ulthar, describe themselves as black, crust, death, and that couldn’t be more accurate.

See more about the show here, and grab tickets at the door.