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The final Sound Up! of the year features an artist we ran across as the sun was shining and the temperature was rising. The summer was not quite over, and Aurora Pride was in full bloom, then bam, we haven’t been able to get this tune out of our heads since! Without further ado, we would love to introduce you to Miss Benny.

The queer artist has been navigating the world of YouTube stardom since the age of 14 when he took to finding community after living a closeted life as a young boy in Texas. Through that freedom to express his authentic self online, he found others like him and garnered himself a following.

By the age of 20, he had discarded the name and persona that was Ben J. Pierce and has now embraced a fun, party, sexy attitude as he began to release music under the name Miss Benny.

An in-depth interview with them. in 2018 offered some insight into Miss Benny, the important creative process of making music, but even more so, the significant journey in finding his queerness.

“I remember when I first discovered I was gay, I was like, OK, this is a thing I understand. But when I realized that maybe it’s not a straight line, or that my gender identity was still a question mark to me, I put a lot of pressure on myself to define one side or the other on everything,” Miss Benny told them. “’Queer’ was the first term that expressed what I was feeling.”

With this fluidity and self-exploration, Miss Benny discovered that there was a lack of representation in the music biz, and he wanted to be the one to be that for other young folks.

“I wanted to bring a party-girl, gay vibe to pop music. A lot of the music is very blatantly about kissing boys and being a little bit of a party favor. We don’t really have a teenage, edgy, sex-kitten party boy, and I really want to do that in a nuanced way,” Miss Benny said.

With three videos under his belt, and a lyric video that just hit two weeks ago, it looks like 2020 may be ramping up for a full album release, or possibly a super-fresh take on a new way of expressing gender and sexuality in pop music.

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