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Ever met the right person but it was definitely not the right timing? Well, then you’ve got a new anthem in the freshly released single “Forever.” Fletcher isn’t ready to let go of the lifestyle of the young, rich, and famous, and based on the moves she’s putting on display, many women are glad for that.

The openly queer artist Fletcher has been blowing up over the last several months since the release of her latest EP, you ruined new york for me. I have to admit, she caught my attention with the track “About You.” However, her most notable hit from that album was “Undrunk,” that song we all sang when we were pissed off that we drunk texted our ex, again.

While New York may have been ruined for Fletcher, she seems to be back out there and doing better than ever. That’s why she doesn’t need someone “Forever” right now; she just needs right now. With lyrics like “I wanna be young and party/ be dumb and never feel sorry/ become a freak with my body,” it’s pretty clear the “Forever” person is not who she is in the market for at the moment.

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“This is something I’ve been trying to do for ages, but haven’t really been successful with,” the singer told MTV News. “It’s a song about wanting to fall in love with my independence and freedom and learning how to stand on my own two feet. Learning to do this is hard, and I’m messing up, and have no idea what I’m doing. But does anyone, really?”


Alongside the unapologetic lyrics, Fletcher paired a sweaty, sexy video to accompany the song, and is holding nothing back as she dances with a strong troupe of proud women.

“I love the very end when we’re all in the different shades of skin tone body suits,” Fletcher said. “It was super empowering and sweaty and just everything my queer-ass heart could’ve dreamed of.”

She added, “It was so empowering and HOT to be surrounded by so many different types of women and skin tones and body types. They all had such rockin’ bodies and were so confident in their movement and literally brought the video to life.”

Now, turn that sound up and dance like nobody’s watching. Because they’re not. Because we’re all social distancing.