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In light of Trump’s failure to mention that June is national LGBTQ Pride Month, the Senate has proposed that they make an official statement.

“This year, the White House broke with an eight-year tradition and did not issue a presidential proclamation acknowledging June as Pride Month,” Sherrod Brown, a democrat on the Senate representing Ohio, stated in a Tweet. “So I’m proud to lead the first-ever Senate Resolution recognizing June as LGBTQ Pride Month.”

The newly-introduced resolution notes that queer people have faced a lot of persecution over the years, despite being major contributors to the national community. It also notes that national leaders will and should continue to fight for LGBTQ rights.

“We must always stand with our LGBTQ friends and neighbors — not just during the month of June, but year round,” Brown stated in an official press release. “I hope all Ohioans will join me in celebrating the accomplishments and courage of the LGBTQ community, and commit themselves to continuing the fight for equality for all.”

So far, twenty other senators , all of whom are democrats, are backing Brown and co-sponsoring the resolution. Although Trump completely failed to make mention of this monumental holiday, others in the federal government are working to make sure some sort of recognition happens.