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I don’t know if it’s an all-time low of mine, but it’s got to be somewhere down there: I recently smelled One Direction’s new perfume … and kinda liked it.

It was a weak moment, but I stand by it.

As I was secretly scanning the store for a tween to bribe to make the purchase for me — thus avoiding some level of embarrassment — the detachable ring that comes with the bottle came off in my hand.

That’s it, game over. I can’t be wearing a scent that comes in a bottle that includes a charm obviously targeted to little girls waiting to become the next Mrs. Harry Styles.

For the grown ups out there, here are some fragrances to help you spice up that new fall look, or just bring a little pizazz to those summer staples you’re desperately hanging on to (white pants foreva!).

For the Ladies

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream ($76, Sephora)

Sultry yet sweet, this scent is good for date night, with notes of grapefruit, blackberry, and a musky base. Plus, the pretty daisy-adorned bottle can add a sweet touch to any dresser or bathroom shelf.

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso ($112, Bloomingdale’s)

A scent worthy of a commanding lady, this musky scent has woody notes of cedar and light feminine touches of Bulgarian rose and gardenia. It’s seduction in a scent.

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt

($120, Nordstrom)

Escape seaside with this breezy fragrance of sage, velvet rose, and English pear.

Elie Saab L’Eau Couture ($73, Nordstrom)

Sweet with floral notes and touches of vanilla, this scent oozes innocence even when your activities are anything but.

For the Lads

Prada Luna Rossa ($82, Sephora)

Is that … lavender I smell? With a touch of orange and spearmint? This bright and fresh scent is sporty enough to carry you post-gym to a night on the town.

Burberry Brit Rhythm ($60, Sephora)

Sexy and exhilarating, this is the perfect fragrance for a sweaty dance sesh on the club floor. Juniper berries mix with patchouli and cedarwood to create a scent your dance partner
won’t forget.

Tom Ford Noir ($94, Sephora)

Just like its bottle, this scent is masculine and take-charge: the perfect power scent to match that power suit. Notes of leather, bergamot, and verbena help you capture just the right amount of attention during that important meeting.

Bleu de Chanel ($68, Nordstrom)

Clean and fresh, this preppy fragrance is good for an after-shower spritz to keep you fresh throughout the day.