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RuPaul Andre Charles made history this past Saturday night as the first drag queen to host Saturday Night Live. The audience was immediately introduced to his charm and witty humor. While not in drag, he did say he was wearing his grandmother’s panties and gave a wonderful bits of advice:

“One: Get the money upfront. Two: If they ain’t payin’ your bills, pay them no mind. Three: Don’t take life too seriously. If you follow your heart, dare to be different, and use all the crayons in the coloring box; who knows where you’ll end up. You might find yourself hosting Saturday Night Live.”

The sketches were all wildly weird and had Ru’s signature sass. My personal favorite would have to be one of the sketches SNL put on their YouTube, as it was cut for time, called “Coal Miners Face-Off.” SNL always seem to cut the best sketches for whatever reason. The skit’s stars RuPaul and cast member Bowen Yang go at it as two coal miners, or “alpha males,” just like “a gator and a tiger going at it” in a soap opera drama. Big Al (Yang) and Big Dom (Paul) use verbal barbs to poke flirty fun at one another. I highly recommend watching it in full down below.

This is SNL‘s first drag queen host, and this is a huge stepping stone for the LGBTQ community. Queer people have slowly come into the forefront of popular culture. Queer Super Bowl ads and an openly gay man being able to run for president and having a decent chance at winning shows the tide is turning. The hope is that SNL will have more openly LGBTQ members hosting as the seasons come and go. RuPaul proves that comedy does not care for your gender, sexuality, or any other qualifiers. If you make the audience laugh, the rest will follow.

Photo courtesy of Facebook