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Romania has issued a constitutional change regarding the definition of marriage to only be recognized between a man and a woman. In order for the altering to occur, 30 percent of valid voters must have turned in their ballots. However, just short of 20 percent of those eligible voted on the change.

Throughout the discussion of the constitutional change, those opposed of the decision agreed upon not voting so those likely to vote wouldn’t have enough of a percentage. This choice turned out to be successful.

Many still believe the Orthodox church still has a strong influence on Romania’s government, and many views are based on conservative values. 

As of last month, the Romanian court decided same-gendered couples should be given the same rights as those families with couples of different genders. Before the current desired change, according to the BBC, families were simply categorized as “freely consented marriage of the spouses.”

Nevertheless, Romania has yet to recognize queer marriage, and an approval of the shift will make the marriage go-ahead still difficult to achieve.