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We all know the story of Jekyll and Hyde, but the question is how to pull it off in 2020, when we have a plethora of entertainment devices at our disposal. Candlelight Dinner Playhouse proves the story can be just as relevant in 2020, or even more so, as themes of power abuse and mental stability continue to trend.

Jekyll and Hyde manages to skate the territory between total camp and quality very well, in a way that only dinner theatre possibly can.

The songs in the show are fun and catchy; many don’t realize this is actually where burlesque/drag/cult classic “Bring on the Men” comes from. The role of Jekyll is acted strongly with metal-esque vocals during the Hyde scenes and gorgeous, soaring vocals for Jekyll. And the combination of cool costumes, awesome lights, a strong orchestra, and perfectly timed humor—like when Hyde rips out a human heart that is actually a ball of yarn—really makes the play goofy, fun, and as silly as it is powerful.

The only criticism of the play, which isn’t really a criticism of Candlelight’s production, but rather the original writing, is how suddenly it ends. Jekyll/Hyde dies, his bride-to-be cries; the curtains fall. Especially considering all the long, plaintive ballads about feelings during the show, it would be nice to get a little more at the end about how much the characters understand about what happened, how they are going to move forward, etc.

If you haven’t been to Candlelight before, the theater itself is a real treat. Although it’s a bit of a trek outside the city, it’s worth it to sit at a comfy table with a good view of the stage, sip on special drinks made for each performance, and snack on apps, awesome entrees, and decadent deserts (lots of cheesecake).

Jekyll and Hyde features Scott Hurst and John Sosna as Dr. Jekyll and Henry Hyde (the role has been double cast) Susanna Ballenski Houdesheldt as Lucy, Lars Preece as John Utterson, and Katie Jackson as Henry’s fiancé Emma Carew.

Jekyll and Hyde is directed by Robert Michael Sanders. Choreography is by Jessica Hindsley who previously choreographed Beauty and the Beast and Motones Vs Jerseys at Candlelight. 

Catch Jekyll and HydeI live:
January 30 -March 29, 2020
Thursday, Friday & Saturday Evenings — Dinner seating at 6:00 PM; Show at 7:30 PM
Saturday Matinees – Dinner seating at 12:00 PM, show at 1:30 PM
Sunday Matinees — Dinner seating at 12:00 PM; Show at 1:30 PM

Adult Dinner & Show Tickets: $50.95 – $65.95 (based on day of week)
Child (5‐12) Dinner & Show Tickets: $29.95 (any performance)
Student (13‐18) Dinner & Show Tickets: $39.95 (any performance)
Adult Show‐Only Tickets: $35.95 (any performance; seating restrictions)
Purchase tickets online, visit ColoradoCandlelight.com, or call 970‐744‐3747.
Candlelight Dinner Playhouse, 4747 Marketplace Drive, Johnstown, CO 80534. I-25 at Exit 254.