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This past weekend in San Diego, activists held a queer kiss-in and dance party in protest of a conversion therapy conference taking place during Pride month.

According to New Now Nextthe conference was put on by the Restored Hope Network, who serve as an ““interdenominational membership governed network dedicated to restoring hope to those broken bysexual and relational sin, especially those impacted by homosexuality.”

To counter the hate, an LGBTQ group in the area, San Diego Coalition Against Gay Conversion, threw a “Dance Against Abuse” party on Saturday night outside the church where the conference was taking place.

“Our goals are to reclaim the faith narrative and to communicate that LGBTQ+ individuals are not broken, do not need healing, are purposely and wonderfully made and are loved and accepted just as they/we are,” stated the invitation to the party.

Protesters came out in droves with glow sticks and brightly-colored signs to dance and kiss the night away in protest of this dangerous and archaic practice. Their presence made a stand against gay hate, and helped promote the true ethics behind Pride.

Images courtesy of San Diego Coalition Against Gay Conversion Facebook