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The government of Myanmar just approved a Pride festival, despite anti-LGBTQ laws.

According to New Now Next, the &Proud festival has been held in the past, but it was always held in secret. The festival celebrates rights and culture, and spans two weeks, featuring performances from the LGBTQ community, and education about the community. Attendance has more than doubled in the past year, with over 6,000 folks showing up in 2017.

“I would say this is not just for the LGBT community,” festival co-director Hla Myat Tun told AFP. “This is for the whole country, acknowledging equality and basic human rights.”

This year’s events included some queer film screenings, including a viewing of A Simple Love Story, a story about two trans people in love, and This Kind of Love, a documentary about a queer activist.

If things go well this year, the first official &Proud festival will be the start of more queer inclusion in Myanmar.