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This year has been the first full-scale Denver Fashion Week (instead of just weekend), hosted by 303 Magazine.

From March 18 to 25 there were dozens of artists on stage and behind the scenes, both local and national. This has been a breakout opportunity for many, as well as a reassurance of Denver’s booming market.

Stephen Horace, a panelist on the Designer Workshop discussing patents and intellectual property said, “The [Denver] fashion industry grows and thrives; I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t.”

While this is all exciting for Denver and Colorado’s economy, DFW also featured a whole night dedicated to ‘alternative models,’ partnered with European Waxing Center. At Wings Over the Rockies, Queer and trans beauty took to the stage on day five which, hosted Topping Designs, Tyne Hall, Rachel Marie Hurst, Steve Sells and Night by Charlie Price. The fashion industry is notorious for being homogenous with model choices, so to see gorgeous diversity in age, ethnicity, race, and gender is a huge victory.

Highlights of Denver Fashion Week