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Ride-sharing options are the wave of the future, and for trans and nonbinary, these can cause additional anxiety when traveling from Point A to Point B.

However, Lyft is trans and nonbinary Pride-centric and recently announced that they have considered the needs of all of those who use ride-sharing, especially focusing on serving the needs of those within the LGBTQ community.

Now, on the Lyft app, riders can select their preferred pronoun specification, including: They/Them/Theirs, She/Her/Hers, He/Him/His, My pronoun isn’t listed, and Prefer not to say

Through widening the options of pronouns, all riders can now feel more comfortable, most importantly during a time of name-changing for trans and nonbinary folks.

“We are  proud to give our rider community the option to select their preferred pronouns, as well as partner with the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) to support our driver community during their name change process,” said Gabe Cohen, General Manager for Lyft Rockies Region.

The partnership with NCTE will include name-changing support for both drivers and riders as Lyft is available to provide free resources, help, and advice on the legal name change process, as well as providing $200 in financial support for name change fees.

Lyft has also partnered with local organizations Transgender Center of the Rockies and The Center on Colfax to help remove transportation barriers and improve access to transgender-related community events and support groups. Additionally, they are offering up to one free ride (up to $15) for the month of June to or from Transgender Center of the Rockies and The Center on Colfax.

“At Lyft, one of our core values is to ‘be yourself.’ We are incredibly excited to celebrate and acknowledge the many important eras, people, moments and events that have led to this celebration and show our support for the LGBTQ+ community,” Cohen said.