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Today marked the official day that Polis took office and was sworn in as the 43rd governor of Colorado.

Polis is not only the first openly gay governor in the U.S., he is also Colorado’s first Jewish governor.

Polis was sworn in before a select group of VIPs seated near the capitol steps, as well as interested onlookers who gathered in the park beyond barriers set up by police.

“Right now, our nation is experiencing a period of growing divisiveness and rising tribalism. But we here in Colorado have chosen a different path. Here, we have come so far, climbed so high, and done so much not just to say, but to show that we reject that brand of politics,” Polis said.

“We, as a people, have decided that there is no reason to let our differences divide us,” he added. “No, we have embraced the idea that no two people are exactly alike, and we have decided to celebrate our differences, Colorado for all.”

Photo courtesy of Facebook