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It didn’t take long for republican Vice President Mike Pence to catch wind of something brewing here in the Rocky Mountain state. As Colorado Senator Corey Gardner is up against opponent Daniel Baer in the upcoming elections, the current U.S. VP is catching a flight to town to help with raising funds, and quickly.

As Baer is rising up to be one of Gardner’s top competitors, he is proving to the republican party that one more state is in jeopardy of losing a seat to the dems. After shortly announcing that the grassroots fundraising efforts for Baer have reached more than $1.35 million, he is running not only as the first openly gay Senate hopeful, but as a hopeful who is looking to take down the current administration.

“In just 91 days, thousands and thousands of grassroots donors stepped up to support a fresh face to defeat Senator Cory Gardner in Colorado,” said Baer. “Together, we showed a history-making candidate with a background in public service can raise the resources to flip Colorado.

Officially endorsed by the Victory Fund, Baer is former U.S. Ambassador for President Obama and has served under Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper as executive director of the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

“I’m proud that thousands and thousands of people are rising to meet this moment with us, because they believe Colorado and our country can do better than the failed leadership of Cory Gardner, Mitch McConnell, and Donald Trump,” Baer said.

In town until Tuesday, Pence has plans to attend a private fundraising event in the early part of the week for Gardner’s re-election efforts in Windsor, a rural community north of Denver. He will then be moving onto a Trump fundraiser in Aspen and then ending his trip with the Republican Governor’s Association Quarterly meeting.