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For new parents, sometimes you need some drinks and some laughs, or a lot of both. By going to Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee’s “Pump and Dump” comedy shows you can get all the laughs you need.

The self-proclaimed parentally incorrect comedy show is geared around “every kind of parent [being] in the same room and laugh about the things that make parenthood so messed up,” according to Ferm.

“It’s a comedy show specifically for mom’s to go out and have a drink and have a night out,” Ferm said. 

“Pump and Dump” has been a monthly comedy show around Denver for almost two years. In addition to their special Mother’s Day shows the comedic duo is now expanding their repertoire to a Father’s Day show at the newly remodeled Hard Rock Café. 

Ferm and Tee are inviting the baby daddies, who are fondly called MTHRFKRS on the show, to see what the show is all about. 

For the show at the Hard Rock on June 14, Jerri’s Cigars will be selling a selection of cigars that the Hard Rock will then pair with the perfect whiskey or brandy. Each show also features a local comedian, but for the Father’s Day show, both Ben Roy and Andrew Ovredahl from the Grawlix will be joining Ferm and Tee for the show. 

With audience participation games like “Never Have I Ever – The Parents Addition” and “F*cked Up Things My Kids Did Last Week” and original songs by Ferm, these ladies will leave you wanting more. 

For a sneak preview of the show watch the sneak preview below. Tickets for the Father’s Day “Pump and Dump” are available on their website thepumpanddumpshow.com

“Our take on the whole thing is that parenting is f*cked up and ridiculous. We just try to bring light to it so that everyone can have a good laugh, have some drinks, get some cuss words out of it and then go back to being parents,” Tee said.