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Orange Is The New Black’s final season will be available to stream on Netflix in 2019.

The show is based of the memoir of Piper Kerman and her experiences at a women’s prison because of money laundering charges. She was initially supposed to remain there for 15 years, but she was able to only serve 13.

Orange Is The New Black served as a vehicle for topics such as queer lives, mental health, race, and privilege. The first season recapped the adjustment of the main protagonist, Piper Chapman, to the prison. There, she rekindled romance with her ex-girlfriend and former crime partner Alex Vause. The story later introduces characters fans have all fallen in love with like Tasha Jefferson and Sophia Burset.

Furthermore, the Netflix original series goes into the treatment of women in prison facilities and takes a deeper look at racial injustices. These injustices can be seen in the ending of the previous season, in which Blanca Flores and Piper are told they are to be released early for good behavior. When the day comes, Flores, a Lantinx character, soon realizes she will be getting deported.

OITNB has offered insight into the variety of lives that take place across the country, and how these lives compare when people from different races and classes interact. 

The news of the final season was shared via Twitter, as the cast and crew expressed their feelings towards the finale.

Stay tuned for the final season!

Photo courtesy of Facebook