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This weather is undeniably dampening the early spring that many were hoping for. A bomb cyclone is currently underway; the National Weather Service has issued blizzard conditions with an expected foot of snow to fall between 10 a.m. and midnight Wednesday. With whiteout conditions and winds expected to gust up to 50 mph, the icy roads have caused schools to close throughout the state. The reasons to stay inside and wait out the weather are piling up as high as the snow itself.

Today, many are asking themselves what to do to pass the time. We’ve got some ideas on how to get through this dreary hump day!


Why not pass the day away with a few orgasms? One of the best ways to have fun when stuck in doors is to lift your mood with some feel-good hormones. Dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin are increased during sex, and cortisol levels, which are linked to stress, are lowered. Today may be the perfect day to peruse websites like Vibrant, the sexy fundraising venture of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, and find your new favorite toy or gear to add to the collection. So, take your lover to task or explore a solo adventure of your own wants and desires and get to grinding!

Plan Out Your Pride

While many Pride events are months away, it’s never too soon to start planning out when and where you want to immerse yourself in the LGBTQ community. Some queer parties kick off as early as April, such as The Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs, and it’s not too late to book a trip to the desert oasis. Denver’s GLBT PrideFest in June will come up quick, and shortly after, Boulder Pridefest and Aurora Pride Festival. Many organizations are already putting out the call for volunteers to help organize, or perhaps the company you work for needs a spearhead for making plans!

Pick a Destination

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to take a trip to Fiji but didn’t have the time to research, or maybe a long weekend in San Diego is on your bucket list, and 2019 is the summer to check it off. While the airports may be shut down during the blizzard, purchasing mid-week travel tickets is often the way to go to snag a deal. Whether domestic or international travel is next on the agenda, what a better way to get through a snowy day than to imagine yourself on a sunny beach sipping a pina colada?

Pick up the Hobby Again

Maybe it’s been a while since you took out your sketch book, or that easel sitting in the corner of your apartment is simply collecting dust. Get out whatever medium is your favorite and get to creating something crafty! What a lovely day to crochet a warm and fuzzy blanket, or perhaps music is your muse, so pick up that Fender and teach yourself a new chord! A day away from work is just what you needed, really, to spark that creative fire.

Take Some Time for You

If you’ve hit a rough patch, and the winter that seems to have lasted forever has you feeling a bit blue, take this chance to grab a notebook and work out some things. Making a to-do list often can make an overwhelming problem seem not so large, and writing out goals can provide a tangible way of holding yourself accountable to what you really want. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “writer,”a journal is an amazing resource to explore thoughts and feelings through utilizing the freedom of expression without judgement. And, if you do dabble in poetry and consider yourself quite the wordsmith, then get out your Bic and pen a new sonnet.

Put that Oven to Work

Try your hand at a new recipe! With hours to kill, that earmarked marinade in your favorite cookbook could make its debut by dinner time. Get a vinyl record out or listen to that podcast you’ve been meaning to catch up on, and simmer up something delightful that will warm up the home with some delicious smells.

Netflix and Chill

The hustle and bustle of life may have you feeling a little worn out, and a day like today is sheer perfection in catching up on a binge-worthy TV show. Maybe you’re behind on RuPaul’s Drag Race, or want to peruse the LGBT documentary section on Netflix. Nestle up on the couch and lose yourself in the story of another life for a little while. If television and movies aren’t quite your style, grab a book from the shelf that you’ve been meaning to start and exercise that imagination.