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Activists/Organizers – Shannon Masden (One Colorado), Eleanor Dewey (Branching Seedz of Resistance), Julie Gonzales (Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition)

Political Consultant – Andy Szekeres

Staight Ally – Errin Baumgartner at Hammonds Real Estate

Police officer – John Duran, DPD, Distict 6

Comedian / Improv – Sarah Kirwin

Business Owner – Linda Cox of RENT-a-BUTCH

Realtor – John Hayden at Kentwood City Properties

Counselor – Jeremy Savage

Chef – Elise Wiggins, Panzano

Videographer – Will Smith, Denver Gay Party Media

Photographers – Flor Blake Photography, David Schmidt (211 Photography), Norman Dillon (Norman Dillon Photography), Deb Funk (Deb Funk Photography)

OUTstanding DJ – DJ Sinna-G

Sexuality Educator – Shanna Katz

Piano Bar Entertainer – Dan Dobbins at Black Crowne and Aqua Lounge

Burlesque Performers – Lottie Dah with Sapphic Sirens

Gay Blogger – Drew Wilson at Mile High Gay Guy

LGBT Website – cafevivid.com

LGBT Wedding Blog – AVoteAndAVow.com

Event – Venus De Miles women’s bike ride

Drag Show – Drag Nation & Tucked

Goth scene – RACK Room Studio

Summer party – Climax Sunday’s at Vinyl

Piano Bar – Black Crowne

LGBT social/activity Club – SQREAM Scooter Club

Out Front Colorado’s 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards
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People PlacesServicesShoppingRestaurantsNightlifeWrite-ins