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Governor Jared Polis finally signed into law the contentious sex ed bill, HB1032.

“Students who receive sex education in Colorado schools will be better prepared with more comprehensive, medically accurate information than ever before thanks to the Youth Wellness Act that was signed into law today by Gov. Jared Polis,” said Vicki Cowart, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

“Giving students real information on healthy relationships and consent, including LGBTQ students in this learning, and allowing the full spectrum of pregnancy outcomes—including abortion—to be taught will shape generations to come,” she continued. “We know that when we don’t give young people the information they need, misinformation will fill the gap. That’s no way to prepare our children for the future.”

“This law will foster acceptance, thoughtful decision-making, and give students tools to navigate the landscape of human relationships and sexuality.  Colorado should be proud that we are giving our young people the opportunity to form healthy foundations for a lifetime.”

The last time we reported on this bill, there was fear it would get axed before it passed on to the governor’s desk, so there is much to celebrate.