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A new rule proposed by the Trump white house published on August 14 will provide “clarity” in religious civil rights and shift nondiscrimination protections for the LGBTQ community.

An Obama administration executive order from 2014 which prohibited discrimination in hiring on the basis of both sexual orientation and gender identity is now up on the chopping block and is preparing for reversal, CBS News reported. Queer advocacy groups are calling this reversal a “taxpayer-funded discrimination in the name of religion.”

“Today’s proposed rule helps to ensure the civil rights of religious employers are protected,” said acting U.S. Secretary of Labor Patrick Pizzella in the proposal. “As people of faith with deeply held religious beliefs are making decisions on whether to participate in federal contracting, they deserve clear understanding of their obligations and protections under the law.”

As protections of religious contractors who discriminate are growing stronger, in turn this mean that the rights of LGBTQ folks are being diminished. The constant push for religious freedom under the Trump administration sees a continued and narrowing focus of attacks on communities that have spent decades fighting for equality.

Comments must be submitted electronically at regulations.gov by September 16 and will be taken into consideration before final decision in October.