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Adam Gilbertson is missing from our community, and his family and friends are desperate to find him.

According to ABC 7  ,Gilbertson was at Charlie’s earlier in the evening on Thursday, December 14. He left the bar, allegedly telling his Lyft driver that he had a bad night and got harassed. Video surveillance shows that after leaving Charlie’s he was dropped off at his car in the Ballpark neighborhood. Somehow his car got to his house, which was found unlocked with his keys on the counter. A later video shows that early in the morning of December 15, he left Syntax Physic Opera. Since then, he has not been seen.

When Gilbertson missed teaching a yoga class on Saturday, and didn’t show up for work on Monday, the absence was noted and reported. Apparently it is not characteristic for Gilbertson, a nurse who just completed training and moved to Denver for a job, to ditch responsibilities with no explanation, so his family and friends are very concerned.

“This is not normal for him to be absent from life, work, family,” his cousin, Shannon Saesan, told ABC 7. “I am just beside myself. Like, we’re all terrified.”

If you have any information about Adam and his whereabouts, his family has set up a website where you can verify his information and report to those handling his case. We implore anyone who may have relevant information to reach out and help as soon as possible.