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Earlier this week, the Log Cabin Republicans, the largest LGBTQ conservative organization in politics, decided to endorse Trump for re-election in 2019. This came after their decision back in 2016 to not endorse then first-time political runner. NBC News reported that the board of directors for the Log Cabin felt Trump had furthered LGBTQ rights and helped the GOP “move past culture wars.”

Days after this decision, a few key members from within the organization, as well as members of the board like Jennifer Horn, have resigned. Horn said in a statement, “I would never do or say anything I couldn’t explain to my own children,” before her exit. Other members who exited include former president of the Log Cabin Republicans Robert Turner and the first openly transgender republican elected official, Jordan Evans.

This turn of events has lead many people who are part of the Log Cabin to turn on a heal and run. Feeling similarly to Horn, Turner cut ties saying, “There’s no more fight left.”

In the current state of the administration, fight is all we have, and fight is what is going to help win back this war.