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Democratic presidential hopefuls took the stage in Miami last night, June 26, in the effort to have their voices heard and platforms backed by popular (or at times unpopular) opinion.

The candidates had 60 seconds to speak on a variety of topics like healthcare, the economy, environmental solutions, gun control, immigration, and so much more. A few of the ten took the limelight and shone, while others slowly wilted into the background.

Taking the lead in airtime, not surprisingly, was Elizabeth Warren, the senator from Massachusetts. She has a clear lead in terms of commanding the respect of her fellow delegates, yet her platform on healthcare reformation may plummet her chances before she can gain the necessary traction.

When asked who among the ten onstage would release their individual, private healthcare plans for a Medicaid-for-all model, Warren and Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York were the only two to raise their hands.

Falling into a close tie for the second-most-interesting candidates were Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey and Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota. As all ten candidates spoke to the hot topics which are weighing heavily on the minds of Americans, many fell to a level of scripted and Trump-bashing.

However, the candidate making the majority of viewers take a second look was Julian Castro from Texas. As the former mayor of San Antonio, he spoke to the needs of trans folks and reproductive rights right off the bat, which took conversation to new levels of visibility and representation.

Former congressman of Texas Beto O’Rourke has been gaining some traction while on the campaign trail; however, his approach during last night’s debates was underwhelming and flat-out unapproachable. While he started hot out of the gate by answering the first question in Spanish, many were taken aback and even criticized him for not actually answering the question at hand.

Many fell into the bottom sector when it came to airtime, yet that wasn’t necessarily an indicator of public interest as Congresswoman from Hawaii, and Army National Guard veteran Tulsi Gabbard took a top slot in most Googled.

As entertaining as the heated candidates became on issues, the debates shed some necessary light on the stance that each individual takes, and how they are going to usher the post-Trump era from a state of destruction to one of repair and equality.

As the night unfolded, many took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Tonight, Thursday June 27, we will see the final ten democratic candidates take to the debate stage, airing n NBC, MSNBC, and Telemundo, as well as streamed live on Twitter and YouTube.