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JwdHBPDA Korean Middle School principal heard a rumor that two students were in a lesbian relationship and distributed a school survey asking how the girls should be punished. Student answers were anonymous, so they could answer honestly to create a “safe and healthy environment.”

The survey asked several questions on homosexuality, and whether students witnessed any same-sex romantic behavior. The final question asked, “What action does the school need to take against homosexuals?”

This student ally answered, “None. Homosexuality is a student’s personal characteristic that a school cannot interfere with. This survey itself, created for the purpose of punishing such activities, is absurd. Just as how introverted people take longer than others to make social relationships, and how neat/clean people’s frequency of cleaning is higher than others, [homosexuality] is just a person’s special tendency.

“Before trying to create a healthy living environment, the school should work on its own mental level, since it is the learning environment of students. The school installed high tech whiteboards and new grass for our athletic field to be progressive. And the essay writing contest pointed out the modern day problems in discrimination, and the prompt was based on sex inequality.

“This survey, fit to be stuffed in the trash immediately, is a primitive concept, and is incredibly discriminatory. It can not be more paradoxical.”


[H/T Reddit Korea]