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Kim Davis, a former county clerk, was sued for not issuing marriage licenses to same-gender couples in Kentucky. Davis spent five days in jail for doing so. Now, she may have to pay a steep fine for her close-minded views. 

According to New Now Next When gay marriage was first legalized in 2015, the names of the county clerks were to be listed on the licenses. Davis claimed doing so was against her religious beliefs. In 2017 a judge ruled against the various couples suing Davis, making it so the state would have to pay the legal fees. The legal fees ignited by the people suing Davis amounted to $250,000.

However, because Davis stated her reasoning for failing to do her elected clerk duties was against her Christian beliefs, she is now being asked to pay the $250,000. With same-gender marriage being legal across the U.S., her reason did not convince the court, leading to the dismissal of the case.

Because the state enforced issuing marriage licenses as part of the county clerk’s to-do list, Kentucky could have charged Davis for official misconduct. The legislator then decided to alter the marriage license requirements, which favored Davis’ cause, instead of the couples suing. So, although the fee is steep, Davis is actually getting off easy. 

Gov. Matt Bevin publicly supported Davis in her religious reasoning. However, now Bevin’s lawyers claim tax payers should not have to “bear the financial responsibility.”

Later blaming Davis for not doing her job, Bevin’s legal team stated since it was all on Davis, she will need to pay the fees instead of the state. Palmer G. Vance II wrote in a statement, “If fees are awarded, they must be the responsibility of the Rowan County clerk’s office, which should be deterred from engaging in conduct that violates civil rights—and leads to costly litigation.”

Bevin still supports Davis, according to his general counsel, and during Davis’ failed re-election Bevin called her an “inspiration.” Davis switched her party from democrat to republican because she said the democrats had abandoned her.

Today, Davis and Bevin will face off one more time to determine who has to pay the legal fees.