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Kaila Methven, a lingerie designer who is also heiress to the KFC fast-food chain, wants to help LGBTQ people and survivors of domestic abuse while raising money for charities.

Methven has reportedly launched a program to help employ LGBTQ people who have lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic while raising $1 million for LGBTQ charities and social organizations associated with the  EDM community.

Methven—whose grandfather founded Rainbow Chicken Unlimited, the company that acquired KFC in the 1980s—wants to hire LGBTQ people, domestic violence survivors, and people in the sober community through a newly conceived Independent Contractor Program within her organization the Peace Love Unity Respect (PLUR) Association.

The PLUR Association’s Independent Contractor Program would hire members of these communities to work flexibly, independently, and remotely with her “Madame Maven” lingerie fashion brand, a brand that includes the Special K line of bright and sparkly undergarments inspired by dance music festivals.

“Giving people opportunities to work for themselves in the fashion industry and learning the ‘ins and outs’ while they learn about clothing, lingerie, and art has developed and really improved every aspect of the PLUR Association,” Methven told the press. “Art inspires me … love inspires me … so does sensuality and passion.”

In addition to helping employ those in financial need, the PLUR Association also hopes to raise $1 million for LGBTQ charities and social organizations like EDM Cares, a group of electronic dance music enthusiasts who also do charitable works like food/clothing/toiletry drives for homeless shelters and events for disabled military veterans.

“I want my contribution to the world to be the soldier spreading the message and true meaning of PLUR,” Methven said. “I aim to use my voice as a philanthropist; it’s my dream to make a difference in the world. This is the beginning of days; we all unite globally as human beings.”

The PLUR Association seeks to foster recognition of the need for respect, diversity, inclusion, and equality for people of all gender identities and sexualities in the workplace, according to Methven.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.