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HB 1039, also known as Jude’s Law, passed the Colorado Senate judiciary committee yesterday.

Jude’s Law would make the legal process of changing one’s gender on their birth certificate easier for transgender Coloradans. Under current law, trans Coloradans need a court order, doctor’s note, or gender reassignment surgery to change their gender on their birth certificate. Jude’s Law would lift those restrictions for trans people.

In addition, the law would remove current requirements for name changes to be publicized, potentially outing them against their will. The bill will also allow Coloradans to change their gender on their birth certificate to X, joining four other states, New York City, and the District of Columbia.

OUT FRONT reported the bill’s passage in the House on February 15. The bill’s next destination is another round of amendment and floor votes before it can appear before Governor Polis. The bill is expected to pass the democrat-majority Senate.