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Today, House Bill 19-1039 officially passed the Colorado Senate Appropriations Committee by a partisan 6-4 vote. Also known as Jude’s Law, this bill will make it easier for trans folks to make changes to identity documents.

“For the last four years, Colorado Senate republican leadership had blocked legislation that would remove barriers for transgender Coloradans to access to identity documents that match who they are,” said One Colorado Executive Director Daniel Ramos. “This year, Colorado will continue to lead the way and live up to our values as a state that is open to all. Colorado will be the third state to provide options for transgender and non-binary Coloradans to have identity documents that match who they are by removing unnecessary and costly barriers. This is a critical step that reduces discrimination against transgender and non-binary Coloradans and affirms that Colorado continues to be a state for all.”

This is a historic moment for the bill and queer legislation in Colorado, and supporters are pushing hard for it to become law.