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Today, the Colorado Senate passed HB 19-1039, nicknamed Jude’s Law, a bill relaxing restrictions on official gender marker changes on government documents. The bill would make the legal transition process for transgender and nonbinary Coloradans significantly easier.

If signed by Gov. Polis, Jude’s Law would lift the requirements on trans and non-binary Coloradans to provide proof of medical transition, such as a doctor’s note or proof of gender reassignment surgery. In addition, legal name changes will no longer be publicized, which currently puts Coloradans at risk of being outed. Jude’s Law would also allow Coloradans to change their gender on their birth certificate to X.

The bill passed on a bipartisan vote of 23-12, with four republicans voting against party lines in favor of Jude’s Law. Jude’s Law, in some form, has been presented to the General Assembly every session since 2015. OUT FRONT reported on the bill’s passing through the Colorado House in February, and through Senate committees last week. Gov. Polis is expected to sign the bill within the month, making Colorado the third state, and the fifth jurisdiction overall. Other states include New York City and the District of Columbia that have modernized the gender change process for transgender and nonbinary citizens.