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It is no secret that LGBTQ people are prosecuted by the law for the attraction of someone of the same gender. In the past, India has defined gay sex as an abnormal form of sex. Because of this, queer sex had fallen into being criminalized, alongside beastiality and other bizarre sexual acts. The article is called Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

As of recently, India has now ruled LGBTQ sex as a non-criminal offense. Beforehand, the Indian Penal Code stated that any sex besides that between a man and a woman can earn you up to life in prison. The section focuses specifically on anal sex; therefore homosexual men became a larger target. Section 377 also still criminalizes beastiality, rape, and pedophilia.

After the ruling of five judges, Section 377 associated with queer sex was lifted, after being 160 years of it being considered a criminal act, on September 6. The criminalization of a private act was later regarded as irrational, and privacy of those with a different sexual orientation should be protected, the judgement document read.

Prior to the decriminalization, people have reported being blackmailed and victimized under the ruling of criminalized LGBTQ sex. Many faced time in prison and have been publicly caned as a punishment after a trial on the accusations of performing queer sexual acts.

Now, homosexual people are granted protection under the constitution and the misuse of Section 377 will cease.