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There will be all kinds of drag at Aurora Pride, from kings, queens, and in-betweens to cute kiddos and badass, spooky performers. Haus of Fishcandy bring their very own brand of fishy realness everywhere they go, and where could be more appropriate for that than Aurora Pride!? We chatted with Ammon Swofford, aka Alice Glamoure, one of the founders, about their upcoming show and how excited we are to see what they bring to the table.

Tell me a little bit about your history and the background of the group. When I first got into drag, I was in college, and I was a theatre major. I saw RuPaul’s Drag Race and I was like, ‘I have to do that.’ Growing up, people aways called me fabulous, even though I didn’t realize I was yet. Then, slowly but surely, I met more people and formed Haus of Fishcandy.

Like every group, people join and leave; it’s just a circle of life. It’s always good to be supportive and communicative with everybody.

The original three out of the four in the group, Alice, Madison Absaroka, and Lucia Glamoure, are going to be performing for Aurora Pride with two new members, Felicia Dion and Rosè B Glamoure, and we’re really excited to be involved.

How did you hear about Aurora Pride?
Well, Zander [the event planner] is a friend of mine through mutual friends. I reconnected with him and immediately hit him up about being involved. I know Aurora Pride happened last year, and it was a lot of fun. I sent them a proposal idea; we went back and forth and then decided on something. We are gonna have some really cool stuff to bring to the table, some Alice in Wonderland-inspired stuff.

What can people typically expect from a show you put on?
We’re very original; I want it to be theatrical, since I come from a theatre background. We usually have some kind of theatrical theme, and I like to create concepts.

I also have a business background, and I really want to grow this. So far, most of our money has gone to fundraising or supplies, but the goal is definitely to be a business.

Where did the name come from?
It’s funny, growing up, I always loved Swedish Fish, and I always called it fish candy, not Swedish Fish. And then, of course, there’s the drag meaning of being fishy, as in looking like a woman. As for the candy part, you have sour candy, sweet, sugary, flaky, bitter. There are so many types of candy out there, and that goes with our personalities. And then we took the German spelling of ‘Haus.’

Come catch Haus of Fishcandy and all our other awesome drag entertainment this Saturday at Aurora Pride!  

Photo courtesy of Haus of Fishcandy on Facebook