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The GLBT Community Center, a long-standing staple in the Colorado queer community, just changed its name to The Center on Colfax.

The Center has been around since 1976, and has already gone through a few name changes. It was first founded as the Gay Community Center of Colorado, and it has now grown to be the largest queer community center in the Rocky Mountain Region.

“As we have evolved over the years, we’ve made changes to include everyone we serve and those who contribute to our vibrant community, including women, bisexual people, and transgender individuals. Our new name is intended to welcome all members of the community as our offerings continue to grow,” said The Center’s CEO Debra Pollock in a press release.

“Our new web address will clearly represent the community we serve,” Pollock added. “As our community continues to grow, we can more easily update our website to reflect changing community values.” 

“There were multiple reasons to update our name,” Rex Fuller, vice president of communications and corporate giving, told OUT FRONT. “We were one of the last community centers in the country still using ‘GLBT’ in our name. We wanted to update the name to be more relevant and to better reflect contemporary standards. As many people know, the acronym representing our community also continues to change. We wanted to stay ahead of these evolutions in the acronym. Inspired by other centers such as The Center on Halstead in Chicago, we decided to become The Center on Colfax. We also updated our website URL to lgbtqcolorado.org. We believe that  by taking these two actions, we make The Center’s public image more inclusive. These changes have the added advantage of making our name, location and our mission clearer to the public. It’s important to us because we want to send a clear message that everyone is welcome at The Center on Colfax.

Check out their website to learn more about the name change and the services The Center offers!