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Germany ruled in favor of a third gender option on birth certificates for intersex babies.

According to New Now Nextthis ruling was in response to an individual registered as a woman whose chromosome test revealed they were genetically neither male or female. Now, the country has until the end of the year to update birth certificates with a third gender option, which will be designated as either “inter” or “various.”

As of now, it’s not clear whether or not non-binary Germans will also be able to take advantage of this rule to update their birth certificates accordingly. However, intersex activists are considering this as a victory, as gender will no longer be filled in incorrectly or left blank on birth certificates.

It is currently estimated that 1.7% of the world’s population is intersex, making it as common as red hair. This is a major step forward for international intersex rights, and for removing the stigma that everyone must be assigned a sex and gender at birth.