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A shopping center in New Zealand just unveiled a genderqueer santa wearing panties, stocking, and fishnets.

According to New Now Nextthe shopping center openly claims that their Santa is “notorious” and “gender-busting.” Ponson Central, the mall in Auckland, New Zealand that is making the statement, said that the display is both to highlight the new Mary Poppins show and also pay homage to the idea that Santa doesn’t have to fit into our gender boxes.

“The team at Ponsonby Central and Blunt Umbrellas believe that our representation of Santa can be Mary Poppins or whatever race, gender, or persuasion we prefer and can imagine,” Plunkett said, according to New Now Next. “The Coca-Cola company doesn’t have a monopoly on what he/she looks like.”

This is also a political riff on an issue those outside New Zealand may not be familiar with. National Party leader Simon Bridges just commented that “just as Mary Poppins is a woman, Santa Claus is a man,” a comment meant to discourage female-identifying folks from applying for Santa gigs.

So deck the halls, keep it jolly, don your gay apparel, and don’t put Santa in your gender boxes.