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On the concept of making The Game Lounge a reality, Adam Alleman shared a story about his attorney advising him against the financial investment of a board game-themed restaurant/bar. “So, I opened it anyway.”

Alleman had originally started a crowd funding campaign wherein 10 percent of the amount raised was to be given to the Delores Project. It’s not all for one and one for all here; Alleman and The Game Lounge are the real deal.

He opened the Game Lounge in Park Hill at 1490 Eudora Street and Colfax with General Manager Elizabeth Nelles and Chefs Dave Rumbaugh and Barrett Gibbs on September 10, 2018. This weekend, join them in celebrating their one-year anniversary party with food and drink specials on September 21. 

Movie nights on the patio run through October, and a Drag Games will be hosted on October 5 by Evelyn Evermoore.  They also do yoga nights, fundraising on Wednesday nights, and even vinyl and industry nights.

Adam was one of the first bars in the Mayfair business district to proudly serve locally distilled Unicorn Riot Organic Vodka. Their custom-built tables make gaming, eating, and drinking easier. As a family-friendly bar, they aim to get away from technology and give people more actual face time. 

The Game Lounge is also a member of Good Business Colorado, an organization whose members fight for fair workplaces, livable wages, and rights for family medical leave insurance. 

Supporting such positive work environments, businesses, and business practices is definitely worth the effort. Spend your money with businesses who care. We are listening; we care who we support in this day and age, and it’s people who support people of all genders, races, and ages. Go play a fun game this weekend with your neighbors and friends, and celebrate one year of Alleman and The Game Lounge crew and their shared belief in something good.