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Preparing for a great night of smokin’ hot sex is an exciting, albeit necessary, piece of the entire pleasure experience. From the tingling beginnings of arousal through the oh-so-satisfying climax, there is a lot of primping and prepping before things get revved up. Luckily, Future Method is creating an entire line of products to help gay men do just that. So, read up, and then lather up, and hold tight, because things are gonna get slick.

Future Method, the first scientific and comprehensive educational line of sex products, was developed specifically to revolutionize the way gay men prepare for and enjoy sex. Future Method’s founder, Dr. Evan Goldstein, began his surgical practice, Bespoke Surgical, ten years ago to specifically address the need for sexual education on a global scale. 

“Due to that lack, I saw a niche of communities that really needed appropriate sexual care and wellness,” said Dr. Goldstein. “I started to see people coming to me with injury after injury and not really being able to get to where they wanted to sexually.”

As a proctologist and anal surgeon, Dr. Goldstein is an expert when it comes to safe and necessary protocols before getting down in the sheets. With the wealth of knowledge at his fingertips, pun intended, he wanted to use Future Method as a way to dispel some of the misconceptions when it comes to practicing safe and pleasurable anal sex.

The Truth about the Douche

“The reality is, if you’re eating an appropriate diet with fiber supplementation, and your normal bowel habits are in works, most people don’t need douching,” he said.

Dr. Goldstein recognizes, though, that many folks prefer the overly cautious, hygienic route, and that is why Future Method’s first product launched earlier this year was their Anal Douche Pack.

More than 88 percent of men who practice receptive anal intercourse do use some element of cleansing, so Future Method made an ideal product with the right amount of liquid and instructions for use in order to minimize the risk of consequences.

“The more volume you use and the more times you use it, the more problems you have with stripping the actual good bacteria inside. The goal for us was not only to provide people with the right solution to use, but also to educate people in the way of ‘less is more,'” Dr. Goldstein said.

It’s Important to Stretch First

“The reality is, most people feel like you can go from nothing to something big right away, and that’s the misconception” Dr. Goldstein said. “When you look at bottoms, or people that receive, they are practicing, and they’re doing it quite often. When you think of the muscle in that area, 99.9 percent of the day, that muscle is tight and contracted. So, you have to do dilation by stretching.”

The doctor recommends that folks who want to participate in receiving can utilize a toy or a trainer kit two to three times a week, a couple of minutes each session with some lube, as a way to teach the booty muscles to relax.

“A lot of people do it right before they shower, so it doesn’t have to be a true sexual act, though if you want it to [be], you totally can,” he said. “When you look at good bottoms, they’re either bottoming two to three times a week, or they’re using toys to supplement that; it’s kind of a ‘use it or lose it’ situation.”

Peach-Sex-Future-MethodThrough Future Method, Dr. Goldstein is really interested in the educational aspect of proper preparation of those peaches. While they currently only offer the douching packs, the plan is to expand to things like starter kits. Through the online forums, customer questions, and client requests, Future Method is also ready to innovate so they can provide products which they haven’t even considered that people need yet.

“It’s about time that people have the resources that are non-judgmental, unbiased, and that hasn’t happened before. It should have been for years, but society was not ready for that,” said Dr. Goldstein.

The Shame of it All

For LGBTQ folks, and specifically gay men, the topic of sex has been societally taboo for far too long. With the crisis of the AIDS and HIV epidemic in the 80s and 90s, men who participated in anal sex were further stigmatized.

“There’s a significant taboo, as it relates to what everybody is doing; I think it’s political and it’s multifactorial … If you look at most proctologists, unfortunately their older, white, straight, and there is no way that they’re going to have the capacity to understand the sexual nature of these communities,” he said. “It’s doing a disservice, because people don’t have the access or know where to even get that access.”

With the work of Dr. Goldstein through both Bespoke Surgical and Future Method, LGBTQ people are slowly chipping away at notions that sexual practices amongst the community are anything other than awesome. The more that sex is normalized, within all orientations and gender identities, the more sexy folks can be, safely.

“When I started 10 years ago versus now, the popular press is [finally] talking about it; it’s on daytime and nighttime TV shows, and people are realizing that there’s a huge gap as it relates to appropriate sexual education, and more so, care,” said Dr. Goldstein.

The Liberation of Intimacy

While we are fully aware of the physical benefits of engaging in sexy time with a partner, or partners, there are also other major benefits that can’t go ignored.

“Its closeness to partners, the intimacy that accomplishes through that is super, super important,” he said. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, when a person experiences consensual sexual activity, it can generate a sense of stress relief, trust, and greater empathy.

Additionally, there are greater health benefits to a robust sex life such as a boost to the immune system, protection from heart disease, a lowering in blood pressure, and for men who ejaculate, there is a lower risk of prostate cancer.
Gay-Men-Future-MethodWith all these benefits, it’s no wonder that consensual coitus is not only desired but necessary to us as humans. This is why we need to get out of the shame and into the mindset of embracing our preferred bedroom practices.

“On a daily perspective of living, we are sexual beings. The reality is that society in and of itself, especially in the gay community, has always pushed that directly into that closet,” he said. “Now, finally, there’s this liberation, and with PrEP and all the iterations and appropriate HIV care, we’re now at the point where people could actually focus on many other different educational parameters.”

Through helping marginalized, underserved, and under educated communities in the practices of safe and happy sex, Dr. Goldstein has truly found his calling.

“People live with these problems, because they go to somebody and they’re like, ‘Oh, why do you care how it looks?’ Or, ‘Why do you care how it functions? You’re defecating fine, right?’ So, it’s now providing people something that has completely been missed and that brings to me so much reward.”