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After Trump’s comments last week about trans inclusion in the military, many are coming out in support of the trans community. One of the latest is ex-Navy surgeon Dr. Christine McGinn.

McGinn, who is trans herself and knows what it is like to serve, told CNN that if the U.S. government won’t pay for gender-confirming surgeries anymore, she will do it pro-bono. She also make comments about the proposed transgender ban in general, showing her support for allowing troops of all kinds to serve.

“Some people opt to have no surgeries, but in general, most of my patients are back to work in six weeks, sometimes two weeks. I think that this is getting inflated to make it a little more political,” she told CNN, highlighting how able-bodied to serve she feels trans people can be shortly after a proceedure.

She also noted that as a trans woman and someone who proudly served in office, she finds the new anti-trans policy to be “blatant descrimination.”

“I think that this sounds a lot like when we had people of color who wanted to serve, women, or gays and lesbians who wanted to serve,” she said.