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Local, lesbian artist Dozier, aka Alex Rowan, just released “Rise,” an anthem that deals with her past trauma and sexual abuse.

The song samples Maya Angelou’s words of wisdom, and with it, she released a letter explaining what happened to her and how she copes with it.

“This track took so many turns in my writing process and expresses such a range of emotions,” she said in an interview with Potent Productions. “I knew at the beginning I didn’t want to write a typical ballad. You know all of those ‘feel powerful, independent woman’ songs that the mainstream churns out with stock footage of smiling women raising their hands in the air? Yeah, this is not that song. I started out with these minor notes, kind of ominous I guess. I had a mind to write the entire track like that, and just focus on the pain. As I was stitching together Maya’s words and my melodies, I came across her phrase, ‘Does my sassiness upset you?’ And I just stopped and thought, am I doing this just to wallow and torture myself, or am I writing this to tell the world that you don’t have to be a victim of sexual abuse and constantly wounded?”

Dozier’s new song offers up love and hope to a wounded world of women, queer people, and others who have experienced sexual assault.